As I am preparing my commitments for the last quarter of 2018, I am reminded of this quotation by Walter Elliot.  I turn back to the commitments I made for the year and where I am right now.  I had personal commitments, family commitments and business commitments all broken down into quarterly increments.  My years as someone else’s corporate executive has me forecasting the balance of the year and planning for the year 2019.  What do I need to do to hit the finish line the way I planned?

Perseverance is exactly what it takes.  One day, one week, on month at a time with the commitment to deliver results.  Thinking about what I need to be doing today to deliver the value to which I have made a commitment to deliver 3 years from now.  As I reflect on the first three quarters, I am on plan in all three areas of my life.  I have one Big goal; however, that still hovers and nudges me every day.  As I plan the last quarter of 2018, I will persevere towards this goal.  I will tackle it, one word, one paragraph and one page at a time until I can place a “tick in the box”. Tomorrow is the first day of the last quarter.  It’s time to commit to closing the year strong.  Remove the obstacles, keep the attitude positive and get it done.