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Leading Change Through People: Making Your Organization Nimble

This transformative session begins with the Change Style Indicator™ pre-assessment to identify leaders’ preferences when faced with change and leading change. As with different personality types and social styles, every individual has a preference for dealing with change. There are many change models and processes available to leaders to “manage.” Understanding how leaders and their organizations react to change is critical to a successful implementation of a strategy; people make the difference.

Key issues covered include: 

  • Understanding your leadership approach to change
  • Identifying the preferences of others
  • Understanding the stages of change and how they apply to business
  • Applying others’ preferences to manage and lead change successfully
  • Identifying possible red flags in a change program based on company employee profiles
  • Identifying the blockers and the champions for change
  • Overcoming blocks or stalls in progress of executing strategies
  • Maximizing the probability of “getting it right” the first time when embarking on a new initiative
  • Applying the change style approach to current strategies and initiatives within your business

Audiences will learn to lead change from a practical perspective, to use the availble tools to advance strategies that have been used to turnaround seven companies successfully.  Attendees will also leave this talk with the ability to leverage their teams when executing a strategy based on their unique change profile. They will understand the profile of their team, the signals that indicate where people are in the change process, and the markers of when they can go faster in strategy execution and where they may need to slow down. They will have the tools needed to assess the readiness of their organization for change.

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