Eat While You Dream

Building Rome One Brick at a Time

by Lorraine Wiseman


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When In Rome, Do as the Romans Do!

The Greco-Roman practice of alchemy promised to turn lead into gold, but this has never been proven to work. What if I told you that it was possible to do this for your business?

Throughout my 25 years in executive leadership, I have transformed companies that were on the brink of collapse into money-making machines.

While every business is different, I have gotten a front-row seat to witness the problems that sink businesses and the solutions that can get them back on track.

My experiences in a variety of industries have introduced me to the dynamics that drive a business’s success, and I have become an expert at evaluating these dynamics and strategizing with them to achieve increased sales, improved product placement and maximum efficiency.

In short, I turn lead into gold.

My book Eat While You Dream offers a substantial “alchemical cookbook” that allows you to repeat the strategies and philosophies that have worked for numerous businesses so that you can elevate your business to its highest potential by overcoming obstacles and improving products and services.

Supplemented by stories from my extensive career as a business strategist, I lay out a robust framework for improving your business by evaluating the often invisible factors that might be preventing growth.

I break down these invisible factors so that you can learn to see them. I also provide solutions and strategies that will allow your business to flourish.

People often think that turning their business around requires drastic measures, such as making major sacrifices or laying people off.
But, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The book is titled Eat While You Dream because I believe that you don’t have to sacrifice the wellbeing of your business and employees in order to turn lead into gold.

You can achieve your goals without “starving” in the meantime.

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Drawing from my experiences as a business strategist, I offer solutions to both common and uncommon problems that seem insurmountable by providing an outside perspective and an objective look at the
dynamics of your business.

By zeroing in on the factors that need to be changed, we can approach problems with confidence and a clear strategy rather than through guesswork, which usually leads to frustration.

Eat While You Dream also offers an in-depth look at the way that businesses and employees deal with change, so that you are empowered to foresee issues before they arise and solve them before they get out of hand.

What People Says!

“In her roles as business leader and President, Lorraine has excelled at building shared visions and creating positive and commercially powerful change. She brings a positive energy to all things and people around her.”


“I have worked with Lorraine for over five years. [She] is a superb administrator, mentor, and strategist. She is the most capable person I have had the opportunity to work with on several projects where she brought together a diverse team to work sucessfully.”


“[Lorraine] set a whole team on a way to success! You could feel this electrifying atmosphere, people’s excitement and hope for a better future — all thanks to her! She has also been a personal inspiration for me. I still remember her telling me that whatever I dream about, everything is possible.”


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  • How culture affects business and the importance of learning about the culture of the people you work with.
  • The way that gender influences working environments and the common myths that hold people back in their careers.
  • The importance of financial management and how even executives fail to learn the basics.
  • The three-step process for rolling out changes in your business and a deep dive into the different ways people deal with change.
  • That a work-life balance is a myth and how a different kind of balance is the solution to improving your career.
  • The importance of devoting your energy to the present so that you can plan a brighter future for yourself and your business.
  • How the wrong person in the right role can be catastrophic for your business, workplace morale, and the plans to grow your sales.
  • The comprehensive method for turning lead into gold for your business.

Meet Lorraine

Founder, CEO

Lorraine Wiseman is the President and CEO of Leading the Wise Way, a South Carolina-based executive consulting firm specializing in strategy and change management. She is also a Vistage Chair, CEO Coach and keynote speaker. Lorraine equips CEOs and executive teams with tools to build their strategies for growth and plans for execution through people. With executive roles in seven
companies across six countries, she brings a wealth of experience to her clients.

Lorraine has published several articles, including: “Going Global: It’s More Than A Change In Location,” “Think Global, Act Local,” and “Those Who Are Left Behind.” She has been a keynote speaker at international events including the Pan European
SAMA Conference, International Students Conference in Sweden, Women In Nuclear Conference and the Chief Sales Executive Conference. She speaks on
Leadership, Change, Strategy, Strategic Account Management, Cultural Awareness, and Globalization.


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