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[Lorraine] shows real confidence from the inside. I think sometimes women’s problem is not capability, but lack of self-confidence and wanting to be liked.

Z. Wang

The instructor provides many informative points and clearly has had a lot of experience in on stage public speaking. A great person to learn from.

C. Williams

I think I’m going to get promoted to a management position at my job, and this course really helped me understand what I should focus on and how to make a successful impact in the first 100 days of working in that role.

P. Sinclair

Good insight on women leading that I would have loved to receive in my early management years.

P. Vanderlaan
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How to succeed as a woman in leadership

Leadership is an important function of management to maximize productivity, efficiency and the success of any company.


  • Why now is the time to step up as a woman in a leadership role
  • How to handle stereotypes in the workplace
  • How to earn respect as a leader
  • How to manage negative comments if they arise
  • How to manage politics within your corporation
  • How to handle friendships in the workplace
  • How to create a strong foundation within your family as your career soars
  • How to deal with generational gaps in the workplace, and more!


  • Any woman who wants to step into a leadership role
  • Any woman who wants to be a more confident leader
  • Any woman who wants to inspire others through her leadership
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Watch Lorraine’s interview with The Progression Project on her course for women in business.

This is an introduction into planning for the f
irst 100 days in a new role as an executive, manager, or business professional and can be applied to any new opportunity. It is a simple but complete approach for executives and managers to gain immediate impact.  You will learn how to establish priorities and deliver a strategy or plan to execute to achieve results.


  • Executives who are starting out taking on a new job
  • First-time managers
  • Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs who are starting a business
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Public speaking: skills & tools for presenting with impact

Whether you’re just getting started, presenting at a workshop or on a stage with 20,000 people in the audience, this course will teach you how to create a powerful, engaging and impactful presentation!


  • How to Create Energy within the Audience
  • How to Engage Your Audience so They Care
  • Preparation Tools and Techniques for Presenting
  • PowerPoint Tips and Other Resources to Use to Support Your Presentation
  • How to Deal with Tough Audience Questions
  • How to Flex Your Presentation Style to Cater to Multiple Types of Audiences
  • How to Use Your Voice, Speed and Tone for Impact, and more!


  • Anyone who wants to improve or learn speech/public speaking/presentation skills with impact
  • Anyone that wants to become a better public speaker
  • Anyone who makes presentations during meetings, workshops, or on stage
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communication fundamentals: how to communicate better

Communication can be challenging and complex. To navigate this maze, you need to develop the skills to communicate with different types of people in multiple situations, and you have to know when and how to communicate so that both you and the other party gain clarity. This course will benefit you professionally as you acquire skills and tools that will enable you to lead your team, create a cohesive momentum within your company. and become a strong communicator in any situation! This is an important skill for leaders and anyone dealing with a team or people to have in order to create a successful workplace environment.


  • Anyone who wants to learn how to communicate effectively 
  • Anyone looking to have better relationships
  • Anyone looking to adapt their style to get their message across to different personalities and audiences
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How to Influence, Inspire, and impact as a leader

Leadership is about making others better through empowering them to be and do their best. Every business needs strong leaders to guide, inspire, and impact those around them, to work together and achieve a common goal. 

If you are ready to develop your leadership skills, to be someone that motivates others to be the best versions of themselves and surpass goals, then this is the course for you! Grow from having a manager mentality to developing an attitude of leadership. You will be introduced to the various styles of leadership, learn about the effectiveness of each, and determine which style of leader you are. You will learn how to work with different levels of performers and how to inspire them to reach further success, how to effectively communicate and influence others to work towards your vision, and you’ll learn how to do it in a way that’s both informative and engaging!


  • Managers, company owners, or people who aspire to influence and inspire others
  • Anyone looking to reach a leadership role within a company or organization
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master Difficult Conversations

In this course you’ll learn how to use the communication process, the various channels of communication, and how to recognize which channel is appropriate for which personality style. You’ll also learn how to apply the power of persuasion and multiple persuasion styles, how to work and manage virtual teams, how to communicate cross-culturally, and more! Best yet, you’ll learn how to do it in a way that’s both informative and engaging!


  • Anyone who wants to get better at having difficult conversations
  • Anyone who feels uncomfortable discussing issues with another person
  • Anyone who has a fear of conflict and would like to become more comfortable with conflict
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Cross-cultural communication: how to flex your style

If you want to gain a strong understanding for how to communicate with people from different cultures, then this is the course for you! Discover your cultural profile, which helps you understand how you perceive various cultures, as well as different aspects of what makes people unique based on their personality compared to their cultural background. You will learn about the six dimensions of Geert Hofstede’s Model in detail, including: power distance, individual vs. collective, assertiveness vs. modesty, risk tolerance, short-term and long-term, and indulgence vs. well-being.


  • Anyone looking to communicate effectively with people of different cultural backgrounds
  • Anyone looking to better understand how to communicate with people from various parts of the world
  • Anyone who works with people from different cultures
  • Anyone looking to build stronger rapport in their relationships with people from different backgrounds
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performance management for managers

Learn to monitor, encourage. and positively improve the performance of employees in the workplace!  This course teaches you how to work with employees to align their goals with your company’s goals. You’ll also learn how to coach for performance, have constructive conversations with employees, and support employee development.


  • Anyone who wants to learn how to effectively manage an individual or team’s performance
  • Anyone looking to boost engagement and their work culture
  • Anyone looking to become a stronger leader
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